FlatHat is a simple solution for fixing your dogs ears if they do not fall down correctly. It’s easy to put on, but it prevents the dog for taking it off. The FlatHat comes in 3 different sizes – S, M and L, depending on the dog breed and size. And as you can in in our webshop – you can choose between a variety of designes.

The FlatHat stays firmly on your dog’s head and once you pull the strap across it’s ear it creates a nice pressure on the ear and it’s cartialge. The hat does not cause your dog any pain when you put it on, when he/she wears it or when you take it of. The material does not irritate your dog, but as with any other thing you put on your pet – the dog needs to get used to it so when you put it on, we suggest that you keep your dog entertained for few minutes which will make him focus on you and the fun, not on a new strange thing on his head.

When it comes to time that dog needs to wear the hat – the more the better, but just a couple of hours per day will do the trick. Dog should wear the hat every day, few hours per day. You will notice that his ears will start looking nicely after using the hat 3-4 times but keep repeating the process at least 15 times or until you see that ears don’t go back up.

The FlatHat is suitable for: German Boxer, Dog De Bordeaux, Rottweiler.

The product is patent pending in EU and US.

*How to put on the FlatHat – Instructions

Do you have a boxer dog with Fly Away Ears?

The sole purpose of FlatHat is to correct your dog’s ears. It is designed to put enough pressure on the ear’s cartilage which redirects the growth and the shape of the ear with the selected material which doesn’t itch or hurt the dog in any way.