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We are a young business couple, Doris and Matija, who got a dog named Bond in April 2017. Bond was a little baby boxer that brought a lot of joy to our home. After a while we saw that his ears were not growing and standing down correctly. We contacted his breeder, got in touch with a lot of other dog owners, visited o lot of pet stores, talked with few boxer owners and realized that the only way to fix this was to tape his ears. The process of doing this was not easy. Our dog was in pain every time we were taking the tape off, it took both of us to do it and we needed at least 10-15 minutes to get everything done correctly. The problem with taping was that we need to repeat the process at least 20 time. Put the tape on, leave it on for few day and then take it off. After few days we needed to do it again and as soon as our dog saw the tape he became nervous and each time we wanted to to this it became harder and harder to do it.

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The biggest problem was that, as said before, we talked to some of other dog owners who did the same thing and their feed-back was not good – the taping process was not successful, so a lot of them gave up. What we realized is that there is no fast, easy, pain-free and effective solution. So we said “Ok, let’s change that”.

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